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Seven lottery billing information to suppliers

To all respected suppliers:     Our company's three-in-one work has been completed, please update our company's billing information in time. Thank you!

Regarding screen printing ink, do these common senses watch together?

On the afternoon of March 15, the new product launch conference of Master Hua's brand "Minimal Modern Overall Home Furnishing" was held in the atrium on the first floor of the Expo Park. A number of mainstream media in the home furnishing industry, industry guests, and representatives of brand dealers gathered here to witness this important moment.

Characteristics and uses of screen printing inks

On the morning of March 15th, the 2021 Dongguan Quality Manufacturing Summit Forum with the theme of "The Power of Quality" and the awarding ceremony for the star rating evaluation of international famous furniture were held in Hall 1 of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. This forum brought together the International Famous Furniture Dongguan Exhibition Organizing Committee, Dongguan Famous Furniture Club, Dongguan Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Guangdong Province, Southern Newspaper Media, representatives of furniture enterprises and other parties, aiming to jointly make suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry , to help the manufacturing industry to shape "new kinetic energy". Professors and experts from the fields of industrial economy and industrial Internet made keynote speeches at the forum, offering suggestions for the transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Green and healthy screen printing ink helps screen printing "break out"

On March 15, the 3.15 China Home Furnishing Consumption Forum and the theme event of the Declaration of Quality and Integrity Commitment with the theme of "Guarding Quality and Smoothing Consumption" were successfully held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. This event, sponsored by China Quality Newspaper, aims to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, advocate household enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, effectively safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, and bring higher-quality products and services to public life.

Screen printing ink market status and future trends

Today, the 5-day "The 45th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition" came to an end. Master Hua Home Furnishing with a brand-new and upgraded masterpiece - [Chuangjiang] "Minimal Modern Overall Home Furnishing" Appeared at this event, reproduced the unique value of the brand, and attracted much attention.
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